06 December. 2019

CASE: Now customers get maximum Wi-Fi speed

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The Bulgarian internet service provider Cooolbox had become tired of dealing with the many helpdesk calls from customers dissatisfied with their in-home Wi-Fi experience. When Cooolbox changed to an integrated layer 3 device solution from Icotera, they were able to deliver maximum speed all the way to the end user devices– and they regained lost customers.

Helpdesk calls are highly time and cost-intensive for internet service providers (ISPs). In the bad old days, the helpdesk lines at the Bulgarian ISP company Cooolbox were very busy. Their customers had oneboxes installed, but the speeds were not fast enough to match the customers’ needs and the premium residential 1G service they provide.

- Our customers kept calling us because they were unable to reach the expected speed through their own Wi-Fi connection. To achieve the maximum speed that we provide, they were very often forced to use cables, explains Dobrina Penkova, who is Sales and Marketing Director at Cooolbox.

She continues:

- We had a lot of questions from our customers about devices they could buy to improve speed. But we usually avoid giving this kind of advice to customers. Will they be able to find the right model? Will they be able to configure the device?  These were our concerns, and we realized that something had to be done.

New vendor – higher speed

Cooolbox soon started looking around for other CPE suppliers, and ended up choosing an integrated layer 3 device solution from Icotera. 

- We spent a lot of time researching different companies and decided to go with Icotera as we could see the potential to make our services more attractive to our customers. The high-quality onebox solution would provide our customers with the maximum speed they needed.

In making the final decision, the product design also played a role:

- Previously, the devices had issues with broken antennas. This is expensive to fix, and the external antennas themselves did not have the appropriate look for in-home solutions. Icotera’s boxes, on the other hand, are beautifully designed. We provide high-end services, so we need a high-end design. The device is the face of our company, and it has to radiate quality, says Dobrina Penkova.

Lost customers returned

Armed with the new integrated layer 3 device solution, Cooolbox also decided to revise the contractual terms for their customers, who would no longer be tied to year-long contracts:

- The combination of more flexible service and high-quality ONT equipment made us far more attractive. The customers we had lost gradually began returning to us, and we found ourselves in a better position to attract new customers, Dobrina Penkova concludes.

fast Track.....

    1. Bulgarian Cooolbox had been supplying onebox solutions to customers for many years.
    2. They decided to look for a new supplier after far too many helpdesk calls from customers dissatisfied with the Wi-Fi speed.
    3. Icotera has provided an integrated layer 3 device solution to Cooolbox since June 2019.
    4. High-quality, fast Wi-Fi speed and aesthetic design makes the solution more attractive to customers.


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