13 January. 2020

CASE: Fewer service visits improve the business


Keeping service costs at a minimum is a clear competitive advantage. With a high-quality, integrated layer 3 device solution, the Norwegian internet service provider GP Dataservice has cut down dramatically on service visits. The customers now take part in the installation at home – which means GP Dataservice saves both time and resources.

When customers at the Norwegian ISP GP Dataservice order fiber-optic broadband for their homes, they usually have to do part of the installation themselves. In return, they get a high-performance fiber installation at a very competitive price.

- With our business model, we supply the fiber, but the customers typically manage the home-installation them-selves. We have had two-box solutions in the past, but costs quickly ran up because customers needed service visits whenever a box needed replacing, says Thor Johan Christensen, Director of Value Added Services at GP Dataservice.

He continues:
- With a layer 3 device solution, we have created a solution where customers themselves take care of the in-home installation. They receive a pre-terminated plug and connect it to the bow with a patch cable. After that, they pull the fiber cable out of the house, where we then connect it to the fiber.

GP Dataservice calls this a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) package, and there are benefits for both parties:

- This system is more flexible for both our customers and for us. We can avoid expensive man-hours on logistics, coordination and customer installation, which makes everything far more efficient, explains Thor Johan Christensen.

GP Dataservice has over 30 years of experience in the market, and over the last years the company has committed itself to use a layer 3 device solution that customers install themselves:

- We have a lot of good experience with this approach and have installed over a thousand units in this way. We also experience extremely low failure rates, and I would estimate that 99 out of 100 installations go smoothly. Although there are few cases where we need a service visit due to problems, we save a lot of time and money in the long run by reducing service visits to our customers’ homes, says Thor Johan Christensen.

Price, quality and design all play a role

Even though GP Dataservice has been operating on a model where end-users have been actively involved for many years, they chose to switch their CPE supplier in 2016. This was because of the special demands users have when they themselves have to set up the devices and pull the fiber out of their homes:

- The solution we previously had did not meet our demands for quality. Involving the customers in the installation requires a better class of equipment. We needed a product where there was a closer relationship between price and quality. Icotera not only gave us exactly the product we wanted, but also a greater degree of flexibility to get the quantities we needed, explains Thor Johan Christensen.

Product design also had a role to play:

- Customers want fewer boxes, and more attractive boxes. If the installed equipment ends up spoiling the cus-tomer’s home interior, they will refuse to have it in their home. From a design perspective, customers find Icotera’s products appealing because of the very clean and simple design, Thor Johan Christensen concludes.

fast Track.....

  1. GP Dataservice has been supplying layer 3 device solutions for many years to thousands of Norwegian customers and their DIY solution has been extremely successful.
  2. Icotera has provided integrated layer 3 devices for GP Dataservice since 2016. High quality and easy installation are top-of-mind, especially when the customer is an important part of a successful installation.
  3. GP Dataservice has its own recipe for saving time and costs on expensive service visits: The company provides the fiber broadband, but customers take part of the installation of the CPE.
  4. If there are any installation issues, GP Dataservice service engineers of course respond - but this is only necessary in about 1 out of 100 cases, hence GP Dataservice has reduced installation costs dramatically.


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