25 March. 2021

CASE: High-performance CPE tailored to local needs means full utilization of fiber networks

Stiegeler, a German ISP and network operator, has been delivering fiber-optic networks to private households and businesses for more than ten years. The company's goal is to promote broadband expansion and fast Wi-Fi connections in rural areas across the south-west of Germany by supplying end-users with premium customer-premises equipment (CPE) that is customized to meet local needs.

To deploy fiber is not a walk in the park. Lengthy installation processes and failure rates are just some of the challenges internet service providers (ISPs) and network operators in Germany face when terminating fiber and offering real FTTH and Wi-Fi solutions to millions of German households. 

Luckily, Nordic CPE provider Icotera specializes in providing premium FTTH solutions that are tailored to meet local needs across all of Europe. Cost-effective solutions and better-connected homes are among the key benefits.

Goodbye to one-size-fits-all

Generally, the ISP market in Germany is fragmented, consisting of many small and medium-sized operators, each covering a specific local area or region in Germany. 

– At Icotera, we don't just provide our customers with a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe that solutions adjusted to individual needs will lead to a better user experience for the end-user. This way, the provider can run a more profitable business, utilizing the fiber network in a much more cost-effective way, explains Volker Bendzuweit, General Manager for DACH at Icotera.

Since 2017, the Germany-based ISP and network operator Stiegeler has been providing its customers with a CPE from Icotera: 

– At Icotera, we're specialized in providing the local "tier 3" operators in Germany with unique solutions based on individual needs, needs that some of the large CPE providers cannot meet because they tend to focus on supplying equipment to national providers, and national providers all have more or less the same requirements, says Bendzuweit, and adds:

– In Stiegeler's case, the CPE from Icotera is branded with Stiegeler's name and logo, which increases awareness of the provider. This is a good example of how the devices can be customized. 

In Germany, Icotera collaborates with Anedis, a local distribution company, which means that Stiegeler is guaranteed a reliable supply with short delivery timeframes for their CPEs

Multi-layered security comes standard

In addition to offering tailor-made solutions, Icotera is a good match for the small and medium-sized providers and operators in Germany such as Stiegeler due to Icotera's strong focus on security: 

– Germany is known for its focus on data protection. Therefore, it's important that the CPE is designed and developed to meet the high safety standards and requirements. Fortunately, all of Icotera's software is made in Europe, which guarantees that it complies with all applicable measures, explains Bendzuweit.

And it's not just Icotera's software that lives up to high security standards. 

Icotera's hardware offers a secure and seamless installation process. The fiber termination unit (FTU) is installed with a vertical slide-on mechanism, which ensures that the active gateway is aligned with the connectors as soon as the active gateway is connected to the FTU:

– The robust yet elegant Nordic design of Icotera's FTU ensures that years of operation will not affect the user experience, even in rough environments. It only takes one work procedure to install the fiber box, unwind the fiber and mount the box. After installation, the slide-on mechanism uses gravity combined with an automatic locking mechanism to keep the gateway in place, says Bendzuweit, and ends: 

– By doing so, the operator will experience lower failure rates and increased customer satisfaction. They will also establish a foundation for continuous improvement, knowing that the total cost of ownership is being held at a minimum. That has been confirmed by Stiegeler's fiber installation teams many times.


    • Stiegeler is a Germany-based ISP and network operator with more than ten years of experience in the field.
    • Icotera has been Stiegeler's trusted CPE provider since 2017.

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