03 April. 2018

Icotera is targeting major European market shares.

'Our goal is to give end-users an exceptional internet experience throughout the home. We do this by offering a growing portfolio of intelligent media converters, gateways, routers and Wi-Fi Access Points. In addition, our own developed Network Monitoring Service (ICONS) ensures real-time monitoring of all user services and connected equipment in the home. This ensures automatic bug fixing, proactive error correction before the end users experience errors and also faster diagnosis and error correction for customer requests, "says Icotera CEO René Brøchner.

As a leader in developing fiber-to-home gateways, Icotera's solutions are characterized by a highly functional design, high reliability and software that ensures fiber operators monitoring and analysis tools that optimize the end user's experience of fiber connection on both the Internet, Wi-Fi, TV, phone and smart home solutions.

'The fiber-to-home market in Europe is growing rapidly, and it gives Icotera a great foundation for increasing our European business,' continues Brøchner. 'By 2021, we want to triple our top line and four-fold our bottom line - a growth that will come from international markets. Today, Denmark is our primary market, which accounts for 75% of the revenue. That picture will change significantly in the coming years, so Denmark will only be around a third in the future.'

René Brøchner, former CEO of YouSee, has together with Icotera's owner, Maj Invest, already started preparing Icotera to the European venture. The product portfolio is undergoing major expansion, and sourcing has moved to Asia. Combined with the strong focus on increased international sales, this has also required organizational adjustments including adding new competencies – adjustments that are now in place.

On April 1st., 2018, Erik Søe-Pedersen joined Icotera as Chief Sales Officer (CSO). Erik comes from a position as Sales Director for selling IBM's software in the Nordic region through partners. His experience, which also includes senior positions at Lenovo and Fujitsu-Siemens Denmark, makes him highly competent for growing Icotera internationally. 'I'm convinced that Erik, together with our talented sales team, is the right to continue with Icotera’s positive development and to execute on our international sales strategy in Denmark and the rest of Europe,' says René Brøchner.

Danny van der Poel (former CCO) has joined a newly appointed position as Chief Operating Officer (COO). 'With a larger and more complex portfolio, sourcing in Asia and a strong customer growth, focus is increased on Logistics, Operations and Development', says René Brøchner. 'Therefore, we have set up a separate Operations Unit under the direction of Danny van der Poel. Danny has previously had the overall responsibility for R&D, Sourcing and Product Management teams in Nokia, and thus comes with an enormous experience in lifting the task of operating, optimizing and accelerating the operation and development of Icotera.'

'Icotera operates in an exciting and fast-moving market. It requires flexibility and focus on the ability to accelerate and execute." We now have the management team who can lift the task and I'm looking forward to boosting growth', ends René Brøchner.