29 April. 2021

It isn’t complicated: The better the router performance, the better the Wi-Fi experience

For some ISPs, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest customer premise equipment (CPE) from a cost perspective. But if you want to provide your customers with the highest performance – in all rooms of the home – a high-quality router is the only solution.

Just as all citizens expect water to run freely from the tap and electricity to flow from the socket, strong internet coverage has gradually become a basic need.

As speeds into the home increase, the need for better Wi-Fi performance increases significantly as well. As an ISP,  your single most important selling point to the end-user is therefore how much throughput you can provide.

Unfortunately, we too often see ISPs providing low-end routers built on poor technology. The result: Unstable and fluctuating internet performance, complaining customers and high customer turnover.

But it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. It’s quite simple: Better Wi-Fi performance means better user experience.

More antennas. Fewer access points

For some ISPs, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest Wi-Fi routers from a cost perspective.

But if you’re obliged to deliver high-speed internet to end-consumers, a poor quality router simply will not do the job. Instead, it’s likely that even though an end-user buys a 1,000 Mbit connection, some areas of the home may only reach speeds of 20-40 Mbit.

Therefore, a high-quality router is the only solution if you want to provide your customers with the best internet performance – in all rooms of the home.

With Icotera’s high-end Wi-Fi 6 router, we’re taking the Wi-Fi experience to the next level. The router is equipped with 8x8 antennas – and more antennas eliminate most access points. For many users, this results in a much simpler setup and a better user experience

To sum up, Icotera’s Wi-Fi 6 router is the obvious choice for a high-end residential router for service providers who want to spoil their customers with Wi-Fi performance that is able to handle anything from gaming to online meetings and 4K streaming.

i4880 Wi-Fi 6 residential router
i4880 - The ultimate Wi-Fi 6 Router for high-end Wi-Fi solutions
The i4880 is taking the Wi-Fi experience  to the next level. Truly unleashing the power of 8x8 antennas makes this a state-of-the-art solution. More antennas mean less need for access points, and for many users, this equals a simpler set-up with maximum coverage - or put in short, a much better user experience - Read more


Stable Wi-Fi to European households

Icotera’s high-end Wi-Fi 6 router solution is in line with what other European Tier 1’s in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal are starting to offer to their customers. For instance, Deutsche Telekom’s Speedport Pro Plus shows clear Wi-Fi 6 advantages for both individual connections via Wi-Fi and when using multiple devices.

According to René Brøchner, CEO at Icotera, it’s all about meeting future demands from a Wi-Fi point of view: 

– Today, many users will try to fix an unstable in-home Wi-Fi experience by connecting access points and extenders to the network. But a router with the right capacity and implementation from the start will be a better and cheaper solution in the long run. At Icotera, we believe that it’s only a matter of time before 8x8 5 GHz antennas become the standard for high-end Wi-Fi solutions.

High ambitions mean high expectations

In Sweden, Telenor has chosen Icotera to develop its new high-end router, which will provide thousands of Swedish homes with Wi-Fi. 

Telenor is expecting a six-digit yearly rollout during 2021-2022. And with high ambitions come high expectations:

– We set the bar high when initializing the development of our new router - and we are proud to say that our users can confidently set their expectations equally high. We look forward to enhancing the Wi-Fi experience for our customers with our ambitious rollout, says Carl Gunnstam, Telenor’s Head of Products and Customer Value Proposition and continues:

– We valued our partnership with Icotera all the way. From initially setting our ambitious goal to provide our customers with Wi-Fi 6 – to launching one of the most well-designed, high performing and high-quality routers on the market - Icotera was constantly delivering on its promise to help us solve some of today’s biggest in-home wireless internet challenges.

This just confirms that instead of going for the cheapest solution from a cost perspective, it pays to look for a solution that’s built on a future-proof foundation.


Are you interested in taking your end-users’ Wi-Fi experience to the next level?  

Check out Icotera’s high-end Wi-Fi 6 i4880 residential ethernet router or feel free to contact our Technical Program Manager, Jens Bundgaard at jbu@icotera.com



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