28 June. 2021

CASE: Regional utility company delivers high-performance internet across northern Germany


Since 2013, the regional utility company Stadtwerke Barmstedt has used premium CPE to deliver reliable internet connections to its customers across northern Germany.

Stadtwerke Barmstedt is a known pioneer within the regional utility industry in northern Germany. With a long-standing history of delivering utility services dating back to the early 20th century, the company continues to provide utility services today, including natural gas, water, green electricity, fiber-optic products, and extensive IT services.


“One of our core values is to deliver reliable products to our customers. We know
that a flawless and reliable connection leads to greater customer satisfaction.
This is precisely what Icotera’s
CPE enables usto deliver to our customers.”

- Jannik Rabe, Head of IT at Stadtwerke Barmstedt

A cornerstone of their value proposition is to provide their customers with a reliable and powerful internet connection, as Jannik Rabe, Head of IT at Stadtwerke Barmstedt, explains:

– Since 2013, Icotera has allowed us to deliver on our promise of reliability. Their CPE enables us to offer our customers reliable technology with a clean and attractive design. Also, the technical installation is very straightforward and uncomplicated.

Choosing a reliable CPE provider

Before partnering with Icotera as their CPE provider, Stadtwerke Barmstedt encountered problems with the installation process. This was one of many reasons that led them to find a different CPE provider.

– We previously had problems regarding the installation of CPE. The fiber installation in the FTU was difficult, and the CPE had limited options for configuration and troubleshooting, says Rabe.   

A key factor in selecting a new CPE provider was, and still is, the reliability of the internet connection, as Rabe continues:

– One of our core values is to deliver reliable products to our customers. We know that a flawless and reliable connection leads to greater customer satisfaction. This is precisely what Icotera’s CPE enables us to deliver to our customers.

As a part of delivering a high-performance internet connection, Stadtwerke Barmstedt is currently deploying Icotera’s residential point-to-point switch, the i6400 series. Jannik Rabe highlights the different configuration options as an essential feature:

– The comprehensive configuration options and the product compatibility are essential characteristics of Icotera’s CPE. For example, we can use new models with smaller fiber termination units, making the change in CPE very smooth and uncomplicated.

A proactive business relationship

Icotera works proactively to help the company deliver world-class reliability, availability of equipment, and individual service. It is the relationship itself that Stadtwerke Barmstedt highlights as creating the most value:

– We enjoy working together with Icotera. Our sales contact person, and Icotera’s support, reacts and understands our needs, and we are always informed about new products and the latest information about possible deployment scenarios, says Rabe.   

Currently looking at enhancing their customers’ internet experience, Stadtwerke Barmstedt is considering upgrading to the high-performance WLAN 6 router, i4880, and the WLAN 6 mesh access point, i3560, to improve their customers’ WLAN experience.

When asked what he would describe as the highlight of working with Icotera, Rabe answered:

– We would highlight the overall good support and the fast and uncomplicated communication. And the accuracy and reliability of their equipment are core features that we value.



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