06 December. 2019

Three myths about changing customer premise equipment

Replacing customer premise equipment is a big step for many ISPs. And no - there is no way of avoiding the installation of new box at your end users. But it does not have to be either difficult or costly. Here we kill off three common myths about changing CPE supplier. 

#1 It is too expensive to change CPE

The physical replacement of boxes at the end user can often be a barrier for ISPs looking for a new CPE supplier. In most cases, it requires a service visit; and if there is something that can increase ISP costs it is the need for a truck roll.

If you choose an integrated layer 3 device solution with an advanced fiber termination solution like Icotera’s offering, it is extremely easy to set up at the end user. It can be done in just one single workflow and installers quickly get familiar with the installation. In addition, Icotera provides a so-called integration which means that the ISP's tools are set up to work with Icotera’s, while the service engineers learn how to most effectively configure and install the ONT equipment at the end user.

With Icotera's integrated layer 3 device solution, the actual replacement at the end user will be a very small investment when seen against the total savings in terms of both faster installation of future equipment and lower long-term support costs. You can read more about how Icotera's integrated solutions contribute to lower TCO [here].

#2 There is a risk that change will lead to unstable operations

By choosing a vendor-independent solution for your ONT equipment, you avoid expensive vendor lock-in. But can you really achieve optimal compatibility when using equipment from two different suppliers? This is a crucial question for many ISPs - and rightly so - especially if you are used to having the same supplier for both ONT and OLT equipment.

But even though there is a general industry perception that ONT and OLT equipment should be delivered from the same provider, this is not actually the case. Nothing new in that - Icotera has been supplying vendor-independent fiber termination solutions for more than 15 years. This means we have a lot of experience in getting our products to integrate with virtually all OLT equipment on the market via standard interfaces to ensure compatibility.

# 3 You will miss out on the flexibility you need

Reducing service costs is something that keeps most ISPs busy. When you, as an ISP, request customized features and functions for your CPE, it is usually because it allows you to resolve a number of operational challenges – and this, for example, minimizes your support costs. This is something we acknowledge at Icotera. We also acknowledge that the need for providing your end users with a customized solution does not depend on whether you operate with a volume of 5,000 or 200,000 units. As a result, we do not believe that the opportunities for flexibility and customization should only be reserved for the biggest ISPs.

We customize our products to suit our customers - regardless of their size. For ISPs, flexibility is often crucial to ensure cost-effective operation, satisfied end-users and a lower churn.

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