10 March. 2020

Why owning the complete Wi-Fi experience improves the ISP business

Still many internet service providers (ISPs) are reluctant when it comes to offering Wi-Fi to end-users. Often, the fear of having to spend additional resources on supporting in-home Wi-Fi performance issues is a barrier but offering both fiber termination and Wi-Fi can actually benefit the ISP's business. In this article we delve into the advantages of taking control of the whole value chain by including a Wi-Fi service.

Most ISPs recognize that supporting end-users who – for various reasons – are not satisfied with their in-home Wi-Fi performance can be very time-consuming. Many man-hours are easily spent, both in terms of answering help desk calls and, in some cases, expensive truck rolls.

For this reason, many ISPs have opted to limit their services to terminating the fiber, letting the end-users buy their Wi-Fi service elsewhere.

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But refraining from offering the Wi-Fi service to avoid increasing support cost is a business opportunity squandered, according to Icotera’s Chief Commercial Officer, Erik Søe-Pedersen:

- The problem is that most end-users contact their ISP no matter if the ISP is offering the Wi-Fi or not, so, in the end, most ISPs end up in the support situation anyhow. And it is time-consuming to solve problems with a third-party device, because fault detection is more difficult when you have neither insight and hands-on experience with the device installed, nor any data to rely on. Whereas when you as an ISP own the entire value chain, you are in a much better position to support a solution.

The keyword is, according to Søe-Pedersen, control.

- When an ISP offer both the fiber termination and the Wi-Fi, you are in control of the entire solution, which gives you the best qualifications for supporting it. Not only are you in a better position for doing effective fault detection, you also avoid ending up in the eye of the hurricane because another provider has offered a poor-quality router to your fiber customers.

Upsell and get more satisfied end-users

Another key benefit is the financial gain:

- When operating the Wi-Fi, ISPs get a regular monthly income from end-users. In other words, you support the bottom-line figures instead of pouring out resources by supporting a solution that is not yours, Søe-Pedersen emphasizes.

Thus, from a business perspective, it should be clear that the main reasons for offering end-customers a full package, including Wi-Fi, are: 1. more efficient, reliable support, and 2. increased revenue. But there is a third and important reason why Søe-Pedersen advises ISPs to offer Wi-Fi:

- What really matters to end-users is not the Wi-Fi standard or the type of hardware installed in their homes. What counts is a seamless in-home Wi-Fi performance and that they have a clear point of contact if issues occur. And customer satisfaction will for sure be improved with easy and direct contact to an ISP who provides qualified and quick support, he concludes.


If you want to know more about the benefits of offering Wi-Fi or would like advice on how to structure the set-up, feel free to reach out for Erik Søe-Pedersen at esp@icotera.com or give us a call at +45 70 10 00 33.

Lower operational expenses. Less truck rolls. Easier installation. Increased customer satisfaction. 

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