10 July. 2024

Wi-Fi 7: Hype over substance? Why Wi-Fi 6 is still the logical choice for ISPs

In the never-ending development for the next big advancement in IT and telecoms, Wi-Fi 7 is the latest technology being praised as revolutionary. Wi-Fi 7 is indeed a big step forward in offering multi-gig Wi-Fi utilizing solutions like 320MHz channels, 4k QAM and Multi Link Operation (MLO), but with the limited number of Wi-Fi 7 clients and high cost of Wi-Fi 7 hardware, especially tri-band devices is now the time to move to Wi-Fi 7 or is a high performing Wi-Fi 6 solution the smart choice?

Let's cut through the noise: most internet service providers (ISPs) or users aren’t ready for Wi-Fi 7, and only a handful of devices support it. Erik Søe-Pedersen, SVP Sales at Icotera, believes ISPs should concentrate on delivering the best user experience.

Customer experience is key

Many ISPs have now moved on to Wi-Fi 6, but the Wi-Fi standard and the headline speeds are not what is really important. What customers need, is an in-home Wi-Fi that delivers a robust connection for all their needs, including stable high-quality video across the home. At close range, an entry-level or mid-range Wi-Fi 6 solution might handle this, but as in-home Wi-Fi faces higher demands from multiple users and needs to maintain good performance over longer distances, such options start to struggle. Wi-Fi 7 could help to address this, but to give that all-important in-home coverage is very likely to require additional costly access points, hence rendering an already expensive early adopter technology even more expensive.

With high-performing 8x8 Wi-Fi 6 routers, ISPs can realize service levels to meet most customers. Moreover, with 8x8 GHz solutions ensuring coverage in most homes without resorting to additional, quite expensive in the case of Wi-Fi 7, APs the result is not only a simpler in-home network but also one that is easier to support and reduce the environmental impact with less hardware to supply and power.  

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