16 Feb 2024

CASE: Zzoomm CEO: Customer experience above all

The fact that Zzoomm’s customers are happy Wi-Fi users stands out in black-on-white when scrolling down the Zzoomm reviews on Trustpilot.
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11 Jul 2023

The key to successful Wi-Fi coverage is simplicity

A simple set-up with a strong 8x8 router reduces complexity and can easily do the job, covering all corners of the home with powerful Wi-Fi.
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6 Jun 2023

CASE: Stadtwerke Neumünster focuses on premium Wi-Fi experiences

Stadtwerke Neumünster wanted a router powerful enough to deliver a premium Wi-Fi experience to meet the growing needs among German end-users.
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29 Mar 2023

4 FTTH trends that internet operators and ISPs should look out for

Few industries are moving as fast as the FTTH industry. Increasing customer demand on service levels, shifting Wi-Fi standards, changing regulatory standards, and market consolidations are all driving change.
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8 Mar 2023

CASE: Open access fiber network increased Energi Fyn’s take-up rate

XGS-PON makes it possible for network operators to get more value from their infrastructure by adding more end-users to the same line.
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12 Jan 2023

Wi-Fi management: Don’t over-complicate things with expensive cloud solutions

Cloud solutions including end-user apps for in-home Wi-Fi optimization may increase complexity and increased costs that ISPs easily can avoid.
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19 Dec 2022

XGS-PON - a future-proof investment

XGS-PON makes it possible for network operators to get more value from their infrastructure by adding more end-users to the same line.
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6 Dec 2022

Case: Fibia saved resources and improved customer satisfaction when they separated fiber and Wi-Fi

Best in class is something to strive for, especially in a competitive fiber market. It helps you retain and attract customers and boost your bottom line.
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15 Nov 2022

Open access fiber network opens new business possibilities

Europe is on a steady path to full fiber, and the tendency towards open access fiber networks brings new business opportunities for internet operators.
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14 Oct 2022

Reduce your climate footprint and boost your business with an intelligent Wi-Fi solution

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and to to offer them a less carbon-intensive Wi-Fi solutions is a competitive parameter for ISPs.
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6 Jul 2022

Disruption has become the new normal

Disruption is changing and challenging the way organizations do business, including the FTTH industry. According to Icotera’s CEO, ISPs must deal with and respond to the new reality.
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4 Jul 2022

With Wi-Fi 7 near, here is why ISPs should bypass 6E

New Wi-Fi standards offers a wide range of benefits, including faster and more reliable access. But this doesn't necessarily mean that the previous standard is obsolete.
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9 Jun 2022

3 key market drivers for ISPs to keep an eye on

The connectivity needs of the future will be more dynamic and flexible. And with flexible needs come customized demands. 
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12 May 2022

3 strategies to secure your ISP supply chain in times of turbulence

If monitored and secured correctly, your supply chain can help you to keep up with competitors – ultimately being the crucial factor to success
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8 Apr 2022

Why private homes need better Wi-Fi than businesses

Heavy in-home Wi-Fi activities such as streaming 4K or 8K TV and full HD video games put high demands on our Wi-Fi solution - it's very different from an office solution
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24 Mar 2022

How a customer support tool is paving the way for greater customer satisfaction

Customers expect to be online 24/7 in every corner of their homes. ISPs not meeting that risk higher churn and lower customer satisfaction.
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8 Mar 2022

Three ways streaming telemetry is taking customer support to the next level

A customer support tool with telemetry streaming has huge potential but the system will not do it alone; it all comes down to how you as an ISP employ it
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24 Feb 2022

Icotera CEO to ISPs: Be first and be best

End-user demand drives the need for fiber, and European FTTH rollouts are growing rapidly. For ISPs, this is a unique business opportunity,
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11 Feb 2022

Customer support tool insights – the value of data

For ISPs and network operators, it is essential to gain access to data through in-home monitoring and follow what happens in the home where the CPE is installed
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18 Jan 2022

The key for ISPs to lower customer churn

A low churn rate is central to a profitable business. Finding the right formula to retain customers is key to ISP success. The question is how to do this?
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17 Dec 2021

Quality of service: 3 steps to increase customer loyalty

The internet offering has become the primary value proposition and end-users have high expectations. How do you claim a unique position in a market characterized by fierce competition?
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13 Dec 2021

Multi-User MIMO: What it is and why you need it

A fast internet connection isn't always enough. Explore how Multi-User MIMO supports multiple simultaneously Wi-Fi user ensuring both satisfied end-users and a future-proof ISP business.
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17 Nov 2021

Wi-Fi 6: Understand the benefits and opportunities

Wi-Fi 6 boasts of additional benefits and improvements compared to Wi-Fi 5. Discover some of the key features offered in Wi-Fi 6 and how they compare to Wi-Fi 5
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19 Oct 2021

The customer’s in-home Internet experience will determine fibers’ success

It's the right Wi-Fi equipment that enables FTTH customers to reach the full potential of broadband access
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1 Oct 2021

3 fiber trends for ISPs to look out for

Three trends gain a foothold across the European FTTH space - explore how ISPs play a crucial role in fiber deployment and transitioning customers to fiber.
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7 Sep 2021

CASE: Wi-Fi 6 Router paves the way for a stronger market position in Sweden

To strengthening their market position in Sweden, Telenor has launched a Wi-Fi 6 router. Result is increase in broadband sales and fewer support calls
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2 Sep 2021

Challenges that may ruin the ISP's business case

Choosing the right business strategy and using customer data to deliver a proactive customer experience will help ISPs build a strong business case.
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19 Aug 2021

How to optimize your customers’ Wi-Fi setup for remote work

As an ISP, how can you provide a Wi-Fi solution for the home office so neither customers, partners, or colleagues notice the workplace has become remote?
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6 Jul 2021

3 ways to improve the in-home Wi-Fi experience

The in-home Wi-Fi experience should be straightforward and hassle-free. Customers demand a high quality and increased reliability Wi-Fi connection.
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28 Jun 2021

CASE: Regional utility company delivers high-performance internet across northern Germany

– One of our core values is to deliver reliable products to our customers. This is precisely what Icotera’s CPE enables us to deliver to our customers.
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24 Jun 2021

5 best practices for intelligent fiber termination

To realize fiber’s enormous potential in revenue-producing broadband, fiber cables must be connected properly, terminated, routed, stored, and handled.
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3 Jun 2021

How to deliver a powerful Wi-Fi gaming experience

While staying at home during covid many have taken up online gaming. But how can ISPs offer a stable and reliable Wi-Fi solution that also provides low latency and increased coverage?
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29 Apr 2021

It isn’t complicated: The better the router performance, the better the Wi-Fi experience

If you want to provide your customers with the highest Wi-Fi performance – in all rooms of the home – a high-quality router is the only solution.
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25 Mar 2021

CASE: High-performance CPE tailored to local needs means full utilization of fiber networks

We don't just provide a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe that solutions adjusted to individual needs will lead to a better user experience.
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18 Mar 2021

New self-service Wi-Fi app helps ISPs reduce support calls

Self-service Wi-Fi app helps ISPs reduce support calls - it empowers end-users to manage their Wi-Fi set-up in a real-time environment.
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11 Feb 2021

CASE: Delivering powerful Wi-Fi connectivity to the UK

Delivering a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is the core of any internet service provider’s (ISP) value proposition. 
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2 Jan 2021

Wi-Fi: To extend or not to extend?

Wi-Fi comes certain challenges, and many offer extenders to resolve coverage issues. But are extenders a good idea? Or are they just a quick fix?
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17 Dec 2020

Why tri-band routers are not suitable for European households – at least not yet

A tri-band router is said to be a way to create wireless backhaul for extenders in a Wi-Fi network. Is it really a way forward- or is it marketing hype?
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9 Oct 2020

3 essential benefits of next-generation PON technology

The next generation PON technology is upon us - how it is going to take internet performance as we know it today to the next level.
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30 Sep 2020

Fighting for fiber across Europe

Firsthand insight from Director General, FTTH Council Europe on the deployment of fiber across the EU as well as how operators and ISPs can address some of the obstacles surrounding the deployment of fiber.
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7 Sep 2020

Is 5G really the end of fiber?

Fiber versus 5G isn't an either or decision. It's the combination of fiber and 5G is that's key to the best internet experience
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18 Aug 2020

Beyond gigabit performance with a future-proof optical network terminal

Beyond gigabit performance – with today's technologies. An ONT based on current GPON technology taps into unexploited potential in the existing technology and removes the limit of one gigabit throughputs
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30 Jun 2020

How to ensure "first time right" when installing FTTH

A stable in-home Wi-Fi performance is what the end-users need. They care little about the standard – it’s the in-home experience that matters!
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19 May 2020

CASE: Simple premium Wi-Fi solution wins customers for young ISP

What the end-consumers care about is the internet speed on their tablets and computers. Fastspeed, a Danish ISP offers a simple solution to match the need.
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11 May 2020

Data and insight are central to successful Wi-Fi support

How to create an effective Wi-Fi support setup that gives satisfied customers and keeps support costs low? A balance many ISPs are struggling to meet.
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4 May 2020

How to make Wi-Fi a profitable business

High support costs prevents many ISPs from offering Wi-Fi but control of the value chain puts you in a better position to offer more efficient and reliable
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24 Apr 2020

5 mistakes to avoid when delivering Wi-Fi to end-users

What are the dos and don’ts for ISPs delivering Wi-Fi? Check what to avoid in order to turn Wi-Fi into a profitable business.
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10 Mar 2020

Why owning the complete Wi-Fi experience improves the ISP business

Offering both the fiber termination and the Wi-Fi, means control which gives you the best qualifications for effective fault detection and happy customers.
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21 Feb 2020

Empower the ISP business with customer-premises equipment tailored to UK households

ONT solution specifically designed to meet the demands of tomorrow and to solve the challenges many ISPs in the UK face.
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29 Jan 2020

Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6? Delivering the best in-home Wi-Fi experience is what matters

A stable in-home Wi-Fi performance is what the end-users need. They care little about the standard – it’s the in-home experience that matters!
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30 Oct 2019

WI-FI 6: What can we expect?

Expectations to the new wireless technol­ogy range from better stability to reduced costs and less carbon emissions. In this article, we delve into some of the prospects of the new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax – or in popular terms: Wi-Fi 6.
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16 Oct 2019

New Wi-Fi standard brings the customers faster Internet - and helps cut down support costs

European internet service pro­viders (ISPs) report that as much as 72% of all calls to their help desks involves in-home performance issues. It goes without saying that customer satisfaction suffers when the necessary coverage just isn’t there.
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12 Sep 2019

Next Generation Wi-Fi 6 is Powered by Quantenna Connectivity Solutions Division

Icotera announces that Quantenna Connectivity Solutions is chipset provider for upcoming Wi-Fi 6 product line of FTTH routers, gateways and access points.
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10 Apr 2019

Icotera HIGHLIGHTS - April 2019

HIGHLIGHTS keep you updated on our FTTH business, products and solutions, but we also want to inspire and bring focus on more industry and technological related topics. In this issue we have focused around many of the exciting things that are shaping the future for the ISPs and network operators in Europe.
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28 Jun 2018

Icotera provides open access Gateways including Intelligent Network Monitoring to leading Swedish FTTH provider

Com Hem - One of Sweden’s largest FTTH providers has recently chosen Icotera’s residential layer 2 gateway including ICONS – Icotera Network Surveillance - for their future FTTH rollout.
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7 Jun 2018

Next level ISP support through intelligent Network monitoring

ICONS – Icotera Network Surveillance Solution – offers true intelligence. It is designed for Network Operators and Service providers to reduce and shorten support calls (OPEX reduction) by offering enhanced capabilities for end-user support and network performance diagnostics.
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3 Apr 2018

Icotera is targeting major European market shares.

As a leader in developing fiber-to-home gateways, Icotera's solutions are characterized by a highly functional design, high reliability and software that ensures fiber operators monitoring and analysis tools that optimize the end user's experience of fiber connection on both the Internet, Wi-Fi, TV, phone and smart home solutions.
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11 Dec 2017

New CEO to drive international growth

Icotera and Maj Invest Equity have today entered a partnership to support the continued growth and internationalisation of Icotera.
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31 Mar 2017

Maj Invest Equity invests in the growth company Icotera

Icotera and Maj Invest Equity have today entered a partnership to support the continued growth and internationalisation of Icotera.
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